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Chris has lived in Matua for the last 14 years, and "Nobody Knows Matua Like He Does"


Chris Pringle’s successful business and sporting career is a testament to his extensive knowledge of the Tauranga property market and his ability to develop targeted marketing strategies for his clients.


Having experienced many different property cycles during his time in the industry, Chris also has an in-depth understanding of market trends which has rightfully put him in the top echelon of the industry. Over the past 15 years, he has built up a loyal customer base. This has been achieved with the help of his dedicated support team and with his persistence.


Chris’s hard work and his ability to conduct business professionally has allowed him to achieve many impressive accomplishments.With a history of success at international cricket his steady and re-assuring manner has won him many fans and clients. Steadfastly committed to his wife, children and dogs, Chris’ family values are displayed in his Real Estate dealings. He believes that the ability to deliver freedom to move on to his clients is what partly makes for his success. It comes naturally as you will see.

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